Pregnant & C.C. Sager – Bono Leave Eno Alone

Subject Technica (I Must Be Firm Like a Green Banana)

Sager is reunited … with one Rich Beale (of ..lead singer fame and fortune with the .band ..HEAD)

Now with Beale having re-established his balance on the broads and beaches of sunny Weston Super Mare...

Sager felt they were ready to hear that bell ring… and go a few more... rounds together... with the mighty aid…. of super Johnny Sealdog Seal

Whose studio… and hi-tech computer skills helped Sager create a lo-tech high protein lunch crunch of a sound.
Seal plays bass, guitar and fiddles with knobs on both pregnant albums

Which the unheralded King of 1990s Bristol ...
Monsieur Fat Paul...

Picked up on… and released on his Swarfinger label
.the band went under the title Pregnant.

And the possibilities were endless …

ON the album

dark comedy (“Higher Type of Mind”)
collides with a heartbreak (Moodmaster)…
collides with a song … about talking to plants
evidence, if it was ever needed, that Sager could split the Jekyl from the Hyde…. a feat never done before in public

via Bristol Archive Records

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