Tom Phillips - Ornamentik Opus IX

Composers Ensemble, John Woolrich conductor 1993

Ornamentik was written and drawn at the request of the American trombonist Stuart Dempster who asked for a piece that would suggest, within the character of a sustaining instrument, various provocative challenges to corner him into inventing new sounds or techniques.

Of the other scores (excluding IRMA) Ornamentik has proved the most durable. Although at its first performance in the Cheltenham Festival (1969) it was described by the critic of the Daily Telegraph as providing him with 'the most boring fifteen minutes of my life' (little did he know what the eighties would bring his way) I find it as tense to play in as it hopes to be soothing to hear.

Tom Phillips, Ornamentik score. More about the work, and audio of it, here

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