Prohibition Blues - Nora Bayes

Prohibition Blues

Performed by Nora Bayes
Recorded July 18, 1919
Lyric by Ring Lardner; Music by Nora Bayes

[lyrics from the sheet music]

"What ails you brown man
What makes you frown man"
I ask'd my man so mis'rable
"You look so winnin' when you is grinnin'
With all them gold teeth visable
But now you's always threatnin'
To bust right out and cry
Doe's yo' dogs fret you*?
What has upset you"
Then he made his reply

"I've had news that's bad news about my best pal
His name is Old Man Alcohol
But I call him Al
The doctors say he's dyin'
As sure as he can be
And if that's so
Then oh oh oh
The difference to me
There won't be no sunshine
No stars no moon
No laughter no music 'cept this one sad tune
Goodbye forever to my old friend "Booze"
Doggone I've got the Prohibition Blues

*slang for, "do your feet hurt?"

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